iNetVu Satcom On-The-Move antenna Ka-Band
iNetVu SOTM Ka Terminal

The iNmotion Ka SOTM Antenna provides an “always-on” broadband connectivity directly to any vehicle

• Ka SOTM Antenna Terminal - Operates while
vehicle is moving
• Automatic satellite acquisition and tracking
• Operates in emerging Ka-band services worldwide
• Provides aff ordable broadband connectivity via
Satellite to mobile ground platforms (Land mobile)
• Low Profi le Antenna < 33 cm in height with Look
angles 10º-90º
• Compliant with FCC and ITU for Mobile VSAT
(FCC 25.222, 25.138 VMES)
• Aff ordable, Rugged and Highly Reliable
• Operational wind speed of 180 km/h or better
• Compliant with ViaSat HTS and similar Ka-band